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Map of the Aspirations of Higher Education in Paraguay

Ariel I. La Paz and Katherin Arrúa

The development of higher education in Paraguay has been exponential in terms of the number of institutions and academic programs offered. This growth, however, is under evaluation to ensure the quality of the programs and institutions. In the context of the examination, this article analyzes the main commitments of universities towards the academic community through the systematic analysis of public statements, classifying the universities mission and vision into an ontology of higher education. This technique allows to visualize those areas of greater or lesser emphasis in the development strategies declared by the Paraguayan universities. The systematic description of the impact aspiration of universities fosters the discussion around the key areas for the effectiveness in the execution of the strategic development plans of the country, the measurement of quality of the academic activities, and the main differences regarding the higher education in countries with greater socioeconomic development.


Key words: Higher Education; Universities; Impact Analysis; Paraguay

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