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Status and Dynamics of the Techno-Scientific Systems: the Case of the Pacific Alliance Countries

Iván Manuel De la Vega Hernández

A differential indicator among the central, emerging, and peripheral countries is the importance that each one of these three groups of nations assigns to the function Research and Development plus innovation (R&D+i). The advanced countries have based their progress strategy on the construction of solid techno-scientific systems. Articulating a socio-institutional fabric that generates dynamic interactions between the social actors aimed at improving the level and quality of life of the population, requires sustainable transformational development stages. The purpose of the research is to analyze the efforts of the countries that constitute the Pacific Alliance in public policies for R&D+i. The state and the dynamics of Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico in this field are examined in a time window of three decades. The methodology used is based on the construction of statistics and indicators; the techno-scientific governance systems of each country are compared; the Manuals of International Standard Indicators are reviewed; explanatory theoretical models are selected and specialized information searches are carried out, using descriptors in the Web of Science for the theoretical-conceptual support. The result of greater relevance refers to the limited growth of the techno-scientific systems in the selected countries.

Key words: Research and Development Policy; Science and Tecnology; Administrative Innovation; Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Peru; Comparative Analysis

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