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The State in 2050: between Decadence and Splendor

Carles Ramió

The aim of this paper is to theoretically analyze the future role of the State and its Public Administration over the next three decades. Firstly, it will be discussed the most likely future scenario of loss of power and influence of the State. The State has entered in a deep state of crisis that can be very dangerous. Secondly, taking into account the current and future changes on a technological, economic, social and political level, it will be drawn a surprising but feasible scenario: an empowerment and expansion of the State in the near future. The internal contradictions of capitalism (the existing quasi monopolies of the technology companies and the expansion of a collaborative economy) and the social tensions of these discrepancies may facilitate a renewed strength to the role and competencies of the State. Nowadays, we recognize the State like one of the main engines of social welfare (together with the market, the third sector and the family). In this sense, we understand the State like an authority power to defend the common good and not in its dimension of nation-state that it is clearly in recession in favor of local institutions (city councils of the large cities) and supranational organizations of regional scope (associations of States).

Key words: State Reform; Trends in Public Administration; Information Technology; Economic Cooperation; Capitalism; Perspectives

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