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Management Maturity Model for Nonprofit Organizations

Rosana da Rosa Portella Tondolo, Vilmar Antonio Gonçalves Tondolo, Manuela Rösing Agostini, Aléssio Bessa Sarquis and Simone Portella Teixeira de Mello

Due to the growing concern of social organizations and their stakeholders with the improvement of the organizational management process, this study presents a management maturity model for nonprofit organizations. Thus, the work was performed in two stages. First, in developing the model, exploratory qualitative research was applied with collection of secondary and primary data from theoretical and in-depth interview with NGO. Second, the verification of the measuring instrument, an exploratory, quantitative research was conducted in the form of survey with 13 nonprofit organizations. The results present a theoretical model of maturity in management with five dimensions and 16 variables, and a pre-tested measurement instrument. The results also indicate that the proposed model and measurement instrument are applicable in the third sector, which analyzed social organizations have different levels of maturity, that the Communication dimension is the most developed, and that the dimensions Strategy/Plans and Society/Collaborative Networks are those that deserve greater attention by managers.

Key words: Non Govermental Public; Non-Govermental Organization; Non-Profit Organization; Organizational Development; Administrative Models; Brazil 

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