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Renewal of the Ideas on the State and Public Administration in Argentina

Horacio Cao and Arturo Claudio Laguado Duca

The work aims to analyze the mutations in the ideas on the State and public administration in Argentina, emphasizing the changes which have occurred since 2001.

There is agreement in the academic community about the need for a new conceptualization after the big bang of paradigms of early twenty-first century. However, there is no systematic corpus that integrates new insights arising after the crisis was produced.

This paper will describe the ideas pushed for the three waves of reform and modernization that swept the country in the last fifty years: the development project, the different phases of structural adjustment and the popular and national thought of the Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presidencies. In the latter case, this is first approximation, because in this period there are no uniform conceptualization in academia, or in the political forces and the civil service researches.

In this description, we will try to set aside the casuistry to focus on the broader aspects of what was the vision of the role of the State in society and how, in that role, it is derived from models of public administration management. The objective of the article is not directed both to examine the various measures that were implemented -but for the sake of exposure is necessary to refer to them- but to describe the different views on the issue that there was in each stage. Finally, it is concluded with the presentation of the questions that leaves raised for the expert knowledge, the modifications introduced by popular national governments.

While the historic journeys, as well as the empirical foundations are taken of the Argentine case, we are convinced that the conclusions have regional scope.

Key words: Trends in Public Administration; Function of the State; Development Styles; Liberalism; Socialism; Argentina

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