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The OECD Experience in the Implementation of Open Government Policies. The Challenge of the Implementation Phase

Carlos Conde and María Paula Gutiérrez

With a greater frequency, governments have been recognising the importance of engaging their citizens and guiding their policies towards achieving processes that are more accountable, transparent, effective, and efficient. These are the pillars of open government and are the principles underlying the Open Government Partnership (OGP) that are important for countries to take into account on their policy-making processes. Notwithstanding this goal, the success of open government initiatives depends on how these processes are carried out. This makes reference to the implementation phase that accompanies the elaboration of public policies and that is an essential step for governments on their purposes of becoming evermore open. 

The studies undertaken by the OECD have focused on how countries create effective public services that perform well, and how to promote open and transparent governments. Through the studies conducted, the Organization has been able to observe the challenges that both member and non-member countries face on the field of open government. Reviewing distinct national contexts on this matter gives useful insight that contributes to the learning process of how to make reforms happen. This objective requires building trust, fostering efficiency through innovation, and promoting integrity within the public administration. 

By providing a general view of the cases of Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, the main goal of this presentation is to shed some light on the possible challenges that may arise from open government initiatives and how they are dealt with in the Latin American and Caribbean region. This will generate an auspicious space to explore the challenges that open government policies face in the Latin American context and how countries counter them. This will enrich the exchange of experiences and lessons learned regarding the implementation of reforms that are consistent with the open government approach. 

Key words: Open Government; Policies Implementation; International Cooperation; Brazil; Chile; Mexico

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