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Strategies of Local Development within the Framework of Globalization: Analysis of Case Studies in México

Prudencio Mochi Alemán and Alejandro Vargas Castro

In the present phase of globalization, considered as a new international social and economic configuration, the world-wide space is not only determined but the subnational, regional and local levels too. Paradoxically, along with world-wide integration and the fading of economic borders, a tendency to impel and to fortify the regional and local arises. So the local assumes a new meaning as space for the agreement of actors, the participation, the political and economic planning, but as well as a space also of location of the globalized transnational capital. Process defined by some authors like “glocalization”.

With this background of challenges and opportunities, the answer of the local scopes has been differentiated, in form and intensity, because in some cases it is observed conditions that have allowed a competitive insertion in the international ambit, and others, a retirement of the local actors, who because the attack of the new global context, see fragmented and harmed their economic and social organization.

In this paper, three cases of study in Mexico are taken as reference, concretely, in the State of Mexico: San Mateo Atenco, Valle de Bravo and Villa Guerrero, on which the local development is based on the strategy of agreement of actors. These experiences are analyzed from three independent variables: its organizational capacity, its instrumental capacity and its systemic capacity.

The questions are: What relation keeps the global processes with the local ones? How are pronounced these processes in the local level? Which circumstances could explain the success of some territories and the stagnation of others? Which strategies of the local actors can favor or prevent the local development?

With the study of these three cases, this work tries to demonstrate how, in the context of globalization, the local development depends to a great extent on the strategies, the capacity of organization and agreement of the different actors, on the use of suitable instruments and on the knowledge of the systemic contexts at international, national and local level, to define the form to take advantage of or to face the conditions of a context characterized by the irruption of factors or elements of international character, conventionally related to globalization.


Key words: Local Development; Development Strategy; Globalization; Decentralization; Case Studies; Mexico

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