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Reinforcing Democracy –The New Society-State Relationship

Ricardo Uvalle Berrones

This paper analyses from a contemporary point of view the society-State relationship based on openness of public spaces, strengthening of democratic life and processes that prevent the collapse of the institutional order. This is a sine-qua-non condition for a fairer development of society enterprising forces. The stage of hyper-centralised States that discourage private and public ambits is not functional in times of prevailing power democratisation.

The holistic view of statising policies does not have favourable contexts to become a way of living. Revitalisation of the public, reinforcement of private life and the rise of autonomous social organisations are the cornerstone to prevent a distant, non-productive society-State relationship. Recovering the public side by society and citizens restricts the trends favouring the existence of magnified States.

Today, States face active, creative and productive forces, which play a decisive role in democratisation of social and economic systems. Management of the public is the new referent to strengthen democratic institutions -a characteristic of open societies and governments.

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