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The New Public Management: a Bibliographical Essay for Latin American (and other) Scholars

Michael Barzelay


The New Public Management is a field of professional and policy discussion -conducted internationally- about public management policy, executive leadership, design of programmatic organizations, and government operations. Scholars specializing in public administration and political science have contributed to this discussion for a decade. However, their contribution has yet to be examined as a whole.

The paper -a bibliographical essay, rather than a literature review- attempts to fill this gap. Studies published in the 1990-96 period are examined in detail, while subsequent works are briefly discussed. The paper aims to help scholars situated outside the original English-speaking precincts of the NPM discussion to benefit from and contribute to this maturing literature. This aim is pursued here in three main ways: first, by reviewing each study’s distinctive methodological and theoretical approach; second, by contrasting each item with a common benchmark; and, third, by including two studies about Latin America within the review.

The bibliographical essay can be used for envisioning the public administration and political science contribution to the NPM discussion in its second decade, as well.

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