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Social Policy, Imagination and Bravery: Reflections on Social Currency

Heloisa H. Primavera

In view of completing a second "lost decade" concerning growth and equality in Latin America, this paper poses the need for a new viewpoint on current conceptual models in order to provide new definition of social policy. The proposal of "reinventing a structure of world government in favour of humankind and equality" as recommended by the 1999 Report on Human Development (UNDP) is opposed by the view of radicalising both epistemological criticism of ongoing models and a new distribution of responsibilities among social actors.

For this purpose, the meaning of emergence and evolution of the Global Exchange Network in Argentina is briefly analysed -as a creative example to get rid of the traditional paradigm that has an impact on many social problems and links different social actors- in the creation of new strategies towards the construction of a quality of life. Additionally, some reflection is made on the recent implementation of an Adult Economic Literacy program, defined as a new space of articulation among state, market, and civil society.

Finally, based on the example given by a poorly organised citizenry in more than 500 exchange clubs throughout the nation –an issue that affects over 200,000 people who produce / consume about US$ 5-7 billion annually- there is a call to reflect on the responsibility of social actors regarding innovation in speech. Also there is a call for strenuous action when defining new moves for social policy, as done by those who implemented this system which is being developed throughout the region.

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