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Statecraft professionalism for Latin America

Yehezkel Dror

The paper proposed statecraft professionalism as a main dimension of state reform for Latin America. The idea of statecraft professionalism is presented in the form of nineteen principles, with some applications to Latin America: (1) philosophy of judgment and action as foundation, together with cognitive studies, rather than philosophy of science; (2) ultra-rationality as grounding; (3) focus on grand-choices; (4) grand policy modality deliberation; (5) globalization; (6) structure and institution concerned; (7) consideration in terms of rise and decline of nations, fate of revolutions and regimes, successful and failing development endeavor and similar great enterprises; (8) futuribles and grand designs; (9) thinking-in-history, without being bound by the past; (10) broad, long-range and dynamic estimates of situations, with special attention to declining curves, passing opportunities, surprise contingencies and shifts; (11) concentration on critical choices within coherent perspectives; (12) bad-avoidance, together with good-achievement; (13) policy thinking in terms of interaction with dynamic variables and actors; (14) handling of deep complexity; (15) grand policy-gambling; (16) moral reasoning, value analysis and goal-search, up to realistic vision composition; (17) politics sophisticated but segregated; (18) fruitful interface with policy contemplation as a diffuse societal process; and (19) policy-inputting oriented. These principles have institutional implications for preparing statecraft professionals and locating them in Presidential staffs and Think Tanks, as well as for upgrading the ability of elected politicians to avail themselves of such knowledge, within overall reforms of the state.

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