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Workshop “Results-based Management, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology”

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Mosaic.net International, Inc., Canadá

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Cuándo 12/07/2010 13:00 a
16/07/2010 23:00
Dónde Ottawa , Canadá
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Come invigorate your planning and management skills with a unique workshop that takes the rapport building, energizing and insight generating aspects of Appreciative Inquiry and blends it with the rigor and participatory planning techniques of Results Based Management … adding to that the engaging passion driven process of Open Space … and walk away with having practiced how these 3 tools can be used for projects, programmes and organizations that want to make a difference!

Move beyond the problem solving approach to design programmes based on assets, capabilities and potential. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your programmes with Results-based Management. Master what we mean by results, develop programme/organizational plans or logic models which are results-based and design performance monitoring systems based on indicators and participatory methods. You will fine tune your outcomes-based management and reporting by creating evidence-based reports. Results-based decision-making will enable you to learn, grow and perform. You will expand your repertoire of tools while learning about Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space and how these can be applied to your organization, programme and/or project. These approaches are increasingly used around the world to tap into new ways to go about our work; ways that are more results-oriented, more appreciative, less problem-focused and more self-organized vs. top down.

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