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Stakeholder Participation Workshop in Planning, Needs Assessment, and Monitoring and Evaluation

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Mosaic.net International, Canadá; Sarar Transformacion, México

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Cuándo 06/02/2012 14:00 a
12/02/2012 00:00
Dónde Tepoztlan, Mexico
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Why You Should Attend:

Experience has shown that participation improves the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of our actions (i.e. engagement, organizational change, leadership, building a common vision). By placing people at the centre, our actions have a much greater potential to empower and to lead to the ownership of initiatives. Giving the poor, local communities, and local government a central voice in development efforts that affect them is at the heart of participation.

What Results to Expect:

The workshop is based on a hands-on approach to participatory development that can be applied in the South, in both urban and rural community settings. You will be introduced to the concepts and tools behind participatory development, also referred to as "Participatory, Learning and Action" (PLA) and "Participatory Rural/Rapid Appraisal" (PRA). Practice assignments in the community will enable you to master and improve the tools and approaches to participation, to help you and/or your organization interact more effectively with groups and/or the community.

You can expect to enhance your awareness, knowledge or skills in any of the following areas:

· Using participation in project design, management, monitoring and evaluation;

· Increasing participation of different interest groups or stakeholders;

· Learning and applying participation tools and community-based research methods such as semi-structured interviewing, community mapping, gender division of labour,

· institutional mapping, force-field analysis, seasonal calendars, historical timelines, and more;

· Organizational development and capacity-building for your organization;

· Community development methods.

Who Will be There?

This workshop is designed for:

· Professionals & managers who work with different stakeholder groups at government, intermediary or community levels;

· NGOs who are interested in learning the latest techniques in participatory development;

· Participatory-action researchers and educators who use and teach qualitative methods;

· Policy, program and project officers who make critical decisions on organizational policy, resource allocations, project design, monitoring and evaluation;

· First Nations facilitators and leaders who work directly with aboriginal groups; and,

· Community activists who want to learn dynamic community methods and tools.

· Consultants who want to broaden their repertoire of tools & methods.

All participants should have a basic knowledge of English and Spanish and be able to express themselves in both languages.

Workshop Structure

This workshop is an intensive six day workshop set in the community to maximize learning, group interaction and networking. Sessions begin at 8:30 in the morning and run all day including some evenings, particularly Monday night. Please note that community work in communities is extensive and requires the full commitment of all workshop participants.

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