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Program: "Driving Government Performance - Efficient Leadership Strategies to Improve and Evaluate Public Policies"

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IESE Business School, University of Navarra, España; Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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Cuándo 27/06/2011 13:00 a
30/06/2011 23:00
Dónde Madrid, España
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The program is aimed exclusively at a reduced group of international high-ranking officials of Public Administration and has a completely innovative approach, due to the fact that it presents the leadership strategies that can be used to improve the development of public policies and to obtain afterwards their accomplishment and evaluation. These efficiency elements are ever more important in the present social and economic framework, with meager resources and ever growing social demands.

The content of the DGP expects to tackle the challenges of leadership in public organizations and the topic of how high ranking politicians can set goals; revitalize the Administrations; motivate people; create organization capacities; communicate ideas; consider results and show them as a fruit of the accomplishment of their responsibilities.

The participants’ profile will be that of the international high-ranking officials of Public Administrations with a direct responsibility in the drawing up of strategies and in the carrying out of public policies, with a great deal of demonstrated public management. For this reason, we would like to count on your presence and I would kindly ask of you to help me to circulate this information in your area and its Public Administrations.


This executive program, which is organized by IESE Business School in association with Harvard Kennedy School, examines the challenges of political leadership – how public executives can establish goals, revitalize bureaucracies, motivate people, create organizational capabilities, communicate ideas, measure results, and demonstrate that enhanced performance is a result of the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities.


• Provide the tools for producing results, defining strategies and racheting up performance, motivating and leading public employees.

• Developing the ability of articulating an organizational mission, establishing objectives, measuring results, and rewarding performance.

• Working through other agencies and private organizations and non-profits, revitalizing a bureaucracy and improving citizen support.

• Based on real cases, learn to improve the decision-making framework for public administration agencies.

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