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Curso "Essentials of NGO Management"

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NGO Management School Switzerland

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Cuándo 29/11/2010 14:00 a
04/12/2010 00:00
Dónde Ginebra, Suiza
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Successful NGOs provide high quality services to beneficiaries. Competition among NGOs in the delivery of services and in the acquisition of donor funding is rising. To achieve success, NGOs have to continually improve and professionalize their work, which puts more and more demands on the management and leadership of an organization.

This comprehensive introductory course provides you with core knowledge, practical skills and tools to manage and lead effectively a nonprofit organization. All course modules are presented by experienced specialists with both field and headquarter experience with many organisations in numerous countries. On day one, you first learn about the history and principal types of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, the main actors involved and their different approaches to development. You will then discuss perspectives and challenges of sustainable development. On days two and three, the focus is on Results-Based Management, which is the dominant management approach of most organisations and donors, and on the project cycle. You learn the basics of how to make a needs assessment, how to design and plan a project, and how to assess whether the project is on track and what is has achieved. Day four introduces you on how to prepare successful fundraising approaches and grant proposals. Day five is dedicated to fostering good communication, skilful leadership and professional human resource management - management is, in the end, "the art of getting things done through people" (Mary Parker Follet).

This course includes short lectures, many exercises, group work on case studies and facilitated discussions.

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