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Curso "Corporate Governance Strategies for Public and Private Enterprises"

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The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3), Estados Unidos

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Cuándo 24/05/2010 13:00 a
04/06/2010 23:00
Dónde Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos
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Government-owned and private enterprises and utilities in today's global market are facing the dual challenges of earning a relationship of trust with both their customers and their investors. Essential to this relationship is the ability to demonstrate to the public and the investment community that senior management understands the importance of providing accurate and reliable information in order to protect the interests of shareholders and consumers alike. As service providers are an essential element of the market economy, senior managers and Board members are being held to a higher standard in the domain of corporate governance and must be prepared to meet the challenges and the scrutiny the future holds.

Successful enterprises will be those that enact effective policies that enable shareholders and investors to make informed decisions and participate in a company's activities through transparent and clear corporate procedures. Boards of Directors and Senior Management must fully familiarize themselves with the tools and requirements of corporate governance to ensure compliance and instill confidence.

IP3's course Corporate Governance Strategies for Public and Private Enterprises is designed to prepare executives for these forthcoming changes. Through presentations, case studies, and on-site meetings with leading public and private experts and institutional investors, participants will gain new knowledge and skills and bring these to bear in developing their own corporate governance Action Plan.

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