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Curso “Public Participation in the Regulatory Process”

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Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, Inc. (IP3)

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Cuándo 23/08/2010 13:00 a
27/08/2010 23:00
Dónde Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos
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For utility regulatory procedures to be constructive and effective, the various stakeholders in the regulated service must have the opportunity to participate at particular points in the process. One key stakeholder in any regulated industry is the private customer and customer-represented groups. Particularly in transitions and emergent regulatory environments, the customer (particularly residential and small business), must be educated on, and encouraged to participate in the regulatory process. For the customers’ interests to be properly represented and their concerns and complaints properly addressed, the regulatory framework and process must provide customers’ ample opportunities to voice their interests and have effective procedures for their grievances to be remedied.

This inclusive process is not only beneficial for the public, but key benefits are gained by regulatory authorities and utility service providers as well, particularly in understanding the needs and interests of the customer and creating a more service-oriented and, therefore, competitive industry. Including customers in the early stages of the regulatory process also saves the regulator and industry money over the long term by avoiding potential protracted disputes.

IP3’s course on Public Participation in the Regulatory Process focuses on how to plan and implement successful public participation meetings and programs. Through practical, process-oriented sessions, including technical presentations, case studies, and site visits to US agencies; participants in this program will learn a wide range of techniques for successful outreach to the community.

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