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Curso “Infrastructure Investment Funds: Strategies to Leverage Public and Private Finance”

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Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, Inc. (IP3), Estados Unidos

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Cuándo 19/07/2010 13:00 a
30/07/2010 23:00
Dónde Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos
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The process of obtaining financing for an infrastructure / PPP project is among the most complicated tasks that governments undertake. Many government officials are not familiar with what investors really seek in a project, and how they make decisions. The investors’ decision making process can seem shrouded in secrecy. Sometimes, it feels like investors and governments are speaking a different language.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for governments to spend years trying to develop a project, only for the project to fail to obtain financing at the end. Such challenges have been compounded by the difficulty of raising financing in the wake of the global financial crisis. Governments could save years of effort, and substantial costs, if they better understood: what investors really seek; the investors’ decision-making process; and how to structure projects to obtain financing.

Through presentations, case studies, simulated exercises, and on-site meetings with leading legal, financial, and institutional PPP legislative, institutional, and legal experts, participants will gain new knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop an Action Plan that addresses their requirements necessary to develop sound PPP programs.

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