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Curso “Fundamentals of Corporate Governance”. Curso a Distancia

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United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

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Cuándo 19/07/2010 13:00 a
13/08/2010 23:00
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The current global financial crises has brought to the fore the pertinence of corporate governance issues across industrialized, emerging and developing economies alike. Corporations play a valuable role in our communities and in nations around the world. Good Corporate Governance is a union between the financial and personal success of a corporation. Strong profits and good business practices: these two concepts are integrally related and not disconnected from each other. The issues relating to the relationships between shareholders, management and the board of directors in corporations go to the heart of the differences in financial systems around the world. By giving an overview of the scope, trends and developments in this area of finance, and looking more closely at common corporate failures and probable solutions, the participant will be equipped with the analytical skills and technical insights required to understand and evaluate different approaches to structuring the ownership, control and regulation of corporations. This course in corporate governance will provide a sound foundation in the fundamental characteristics of the concept.

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