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CSR Strategies, PR & Reputation Management Workshop

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Hundfold Global, Sudáfrica

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Cuándo 25/05/2015 08:00 a
29/05/2015 18:00
Dónde Johannesburgo, Sudáfrica
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25th – 29th May, 2015 at the Protea Hotels Wanderers, Illovo, Johannesburg, RSA.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large’ – World Business Council For Sustainability Development. CSR is widely recognized as a worthy commitment to ensure sustainable benefit for both corporation and communities. CSR is also becoming an important base for business to build trust and confidence in their stakeholders, with the potential to provide a competitive edge. Sustainability issues are gaining more and more importance, especially in the business sector and due to the economic turmoil. Business financial success is inseparable from the societies and environments within which they operate. The failure to account for longer-term social and environmental impact makes business practices unsustainable.


Some of the issues and questions that are covered include:

What role are institutions expected to play within the socio-economic development landscape?

How does legislation affect the way we run our CSI programmes?

Do you understand our CSI focus and how can it be aligned to your business?

What should you be doing to ensure your projects are achieving their stated objectives?

How should you engage communities and other stakeholders to ensure that projects can be sustained?

What should you be doing to leverage, grow and replicate successful projects?

Who should you be communicating with, about what, and through which mediums?


What makes this CSI training workshop distinctive?

The workshop is designed to ensure both the transfer of skills and acquisition of knowledge.

We adopt an experiential-learning approach ensuring the latest in training techniques is offered. Use of real-life case studies and engaging exercises contribute to active learning and added fun.

The highly interactive training session enables strong transfer of skills and wisdom.

Who should attend this workshop?

CSI practitioners and Managers.

Foundation/Trust managers.

Line management and staff involved with the CSI Programmes.

Regional Coordinators.

Field Managers.

Project Managers and Coordinators.

This workshop will assist you in identifying methods to build your skills and improve your overall performance in the workplace. You will discover effective CSR techniques to handle challenging situations as well as identify and select the appropriate strategies that work for you. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a personal action plan for your continued development and success as a CSR practitioner.

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