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The National Public Service Award

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American Society for Public Administration (ASPA); National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), Estados Unidos

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA); National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) established the National Public Service Awards (NPSA) to honor individuals who make outstanding contributions and whose accomplishments can be viewed as models of public service within and outside the work environment. While winners come from diverse backgrounds, they are often individuals who have been willing to take risks to achieve change, made a profound difference to improve to service to the public, achieved substantial savings in government operations, developed a cadre of other government leaders, and contributed to the communities in which they live.

While there are a number of awards that honor public servants, the NPSA are the only ones that recognize the contributions of public service practitioners across all sectors of government. 

In addition, ASPA presents the Rosslyn Kleeman Keeper of the Flame Award. Established in 2000, this award is a special recognition for an individual who has continued to provide public service after their official retirement from the profession.

Nominations for the awards are open throughout the year. The awards are presented at the annual ASPA conference, which is held in the spring. 

A crystal eagle is presented to as many as five individuals who have spent a significant portion of their careers as public service practitioners.

To nominate an individual for an NPSA or Rosslyn Kleeman Keeper of the Flame Award, click here



Award winners are selected from all levels of public service -local, state, and federal governments, international, and public service nonprofit organizations. Awards are not made by category, so there could be, for example, two county winners and no winners from a state government. While individuals may hold a position in academia or a nonprofit organization, all recipients must have made significant contributions as career public servants in at least one level of government. Nominees holding elected office will be evaluated on the basis of their careers in public service, excluding time served as an elected official. Legislative branch staff are eligible, however, legislators without public management experience should not be nominated. Nonprofit organizations are those with a service delivery mission.

NPSA winners will be those who have, on a sustained basis, done some or all of the following:

• Made a profound difference in improving service to the public

• Been willing to take risks to achieve change

• Fostered a more democratic society

• Served as a champion of social equity

• Changed the way a governmental organization operates so that it better achieves its goals

• Achieved substantial savings in government operations

• Developed a cadre of other government leaders

• Previous nominees may be re-nominated provided they meet the provisions of this announcement and their nominations are updated to include their latest achievements.



All nominations should include the nomination form and a cover letter from the nominator must accompany the nomination.

The nomination may be no more than six pages (including the one-page summary of accomplishments and any attachments) and may be supplemented by up to five letters of endorsement (at least two are required). Letters of endorsement may be signed by more than one individual. 

Content of the Nomination Form:

Download the nomination form


General Information:

1. a) Name, address, daytime phone, title, and organization of the nominee.

    b) Name, address, daytime phone, title, and organization of the nominator.

    c) Names, address, and phone numbers of three references who can evaluate the nominee's achievements. Please note which aspects of the nominee's accomplishments the individual can address.

2. The text of the nomination should begin with a one-page summary of the accomplishments that the nominator believes makes the nominee worthy of a National Public Service Award. 

3. Detailed information on specific accomplishments. This should comprise the bulk of the nomination. This could include discussions of creative and innovative programs to which the nominee has made a major contribution. What are the major impacts of the nominee's work as a public manager or program leader? In essence, show how he/she "made a difference."

4. Brief summary of positions held and educational background. 

5. Civic, community, and professional involvements conducted outside of the work environment (if none, state none).

6. Examples of a few other awards received (need not be comprehensive).



Send completed nomination form to awards@aspanet.org. Nominations open until Nov. 22, 2013.


Since presenting the first award in 1983, ASPA and NAPA has presented the National Public Service Award to more than 100 individuals. To view the list of previous award recipients, click here


-Contacto: American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)



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