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The European Public Sector Award 2011 (EPSA 2011)

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The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

This award scheme is seeking public excellence at all administrative levels and thus brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. By highlighting exemplary models of innovative performance, the award will serve as a catalyst for continued progress in addressing Europe’s most pressing concerns.

The call for applications for the EPSA 2011 is currently open (until 25 March). The EPSA Steering Committee and EIPA have chosen three highly thematic areas, which address European public sector challenges and are drivers for change in the way that public administrations function in the 21st Century and in alignment with the new EU 2020 strategy.

● Smart Public Service Delivery in a Cold Economic Climate

● Opening up the Public Sector through Collaborative Governance

● Going Green: Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector

The best applications will be awarded on the occasion of a high-level symposium on leading-edge public administration solutions, which will be held on 15-17 November 2011 in Maastricht (NL), under the auspices of the Polish Presidency. For more information on the call, the theme description, the conditions for participation and on the award in general, please check our EPSA website http://www.epsa2011.eu

Evaluation within each theme will follow a multi-step process (on-line/remote evaluation, consensus meeting, on-site visits for verification and final selection by a jury) using a pre-defined set of common evaluation criteria and scoring procedures. In order to ensure the highest evaluation standards and complete impartiality, experts will be drawn from around Europe and across the different specialist fields of the three EPSA 2011 themes. Each submission will be evaluated independently at least by three different evaluators. A rapporteur/chairperson, a professional from EIPA – the Theme Leaders, is appointed for each theme to ensure consistency and to reconcile differences in scoring.

-Contacto: The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Tel.: +31 43 3296 278, Fax: +31 43 3296 296.



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