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Convocatoria "Aligning Research and Policy at the Veterans Administration: A Case Study"

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American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

Thursday, June 26, 2014  - 1 pm ET

In our interconnected world, building partnerships between academics and practitioners is more important than ever. Bridging theory and practice can result in creative and innovative ideas and solutions that can positively influence policymakers, programs and services.

Join ASPA for a June 26 webinar featuring experts from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs who will highlight research areas where academics and practitioners can collaborate.

    How can an agency's mission, values and goals serve as a roadmap to guide and inform academic research?

    What are some useful approaches for aligning research priorities to agency needs?

    What are the VA Office of Policy and Planning's research priorities and opportunities for collaboration?


Susan Sullivan, deputy assistant secretary, Veterans Administration. Sullivan is responsible for ensuring integration, collaboration and cooperation across the VA as they relate to policy and strategy development. Her office leads strategic planning efforts and is involved with managing the VA's governance process. The Office consists of a forward-leaning concepts analysis capability that identifies long-range issues and drives innovation and transformation.

Raun Lazier, director of policy, Office of Policy and Planning, Veterans Administration. Lazier has a lead role in VA enterprise-wide policy analysis, evaluations, legislative reviews, external engagements and public-private partnerships.  Lazier also manages several department-wide business and policy processes and plays a key role in strategic planning, environmental scanning and alternative futures processes.


This webinar will highlight specific policy areas in which scholars and practitioners can collaborate. It will offer suggestions on ways to connect practitioner needs and priorities to researcher interests and priorities. Some pressing policy areas that will be discussed are reintegration, veterans' families and children and veterans' benefits and disability compensation.

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