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Call for Submissions. 6th International Conference: Making Policy a Health Equity Building Process

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International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH), entre otros

Equity is an important issue to champion for, and is far for been overcome by governments, international or global institution, or academia. However nobody disagrees with it because is too broad. We would like to provide more detail, be more specific and, at the same time, offer a multi disciplinary look. Following this, we intend to “qualify” equity, defining a series of key topics:

• Inequity in access to essential drugs

• Inequity in access to high cost treatments

• Inequity in access to primary health care

• Inequity in the process of health care provision

• Sexual and reproductive health and equity

• Financially catastrophic out of pocket expenditures in health

• Community Participants and health equity

• Quality assurance and its impact to equity

• Communication campaigns, advocacy and health

• Equity to care in different health systems and the impact on equity of Health reforms (decentralization, primary health care strategies, georeference).

• Impact evaluation of health programs and health promotion interventions

• Environment, water, sanitation and inequity in health status and treatment

Equity is not only a research issue. It requires an interdisciplinary approach and a research & policy partnership showing clear experiences about how to reach equity in health. Therefore, we identify certain arenas where research and policymaking interact:

i- Political economy of health reforms

ii- Program evaluation

iii- Governance

  • Important Dates & Deadlines:


Mar 4 Organized Session Submission Deadline

Apr 4 Organized Session Selections

Mar 25 Announced

Apr 15 Individual Abstract Submission Deadline

Apr 25 Early Bird Registration Deadline

May 25 Individual Abstract Selections

Jul 15 Announced

Draft Program Posted

Participant Registration Deadline


-Contacto: International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH)



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