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Call for Papers. Permanent Study Group 9: Public Administration and Teaching

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European Group of Public Administration (EGPA)

The Permanent Study Group “Public Administration and Teaching” was initiated at the EGPA Conference in Berne 2005. It continues the work of the EPAN Thematic Network Project between 1998 and 2004. The Study Group aims to offer a platform for discussing and disseminating recent trends and experiences in education and training within the public sector. The Permanent Study Group wants to achieve the following objectives:

    * To exchange ideas, opinions and experiences about teaching and training Public Administration/Management.

    * To explore current tendencies in professional training and reflect on different approaches followed by academic and professional institutions, as well as to define successful systems of cooperation between academia and the professional world.

    * To create a platform for academic cooperation between institutions offering programs in Public Administration concerning curriculum development, joint modules, teaching methods etc.

    * To reinforce doctoral programs by sharing current tendencies and connecting doctoral training with research in Public Administration on a European level.

At the upcoming meeting in Toulouse it is intended to continue the debate on the general themes of public sector education and training (see below) but also to contribute to the framework topic of the 2010 conference (“Temporalities, Public Administration and Public Policy”). More information about the study group and relevant issues is available at the newly established web site of PSG 9:



Relevant Themes for Presentation and Discussion:

Participants of this Study Group are invited to present contributions regarding new trends and developments in Public Administration education and training, practical experiences and cases, as well as the assessment of observed results and effects. Special attention may be given to:

·       Experiences with the new two-level education system of BA and MA degrees. How far are we with “Bologna”-changes? What has been achieved, what were bottlenecks and deficits? Is there some convergence of educational structures in the PA programs in Europe?

·       Experiences with new teaching approaches and methods, e.g. training of soft skills or e-learning

·       Recent trends of midcareer Master programs in PA (convergence of MPA/MBA/MPM?)

·       Educational trends in other parts of the world (e.g. in North/South America, in Asia or Australia)

·       New developments in quality assurance of academic programs (e.g. accreditation of PhD accreditation)


Participants are invited to join the Study Group and to either present a paper (see the call for abstracts below) or to contribute to the group debates by orally presenting experiences and proposals for future strategies. Other forms of presentation are also welcome (e.g. mini-workshops, round tables, demonstrations of teaching instruments etc). We also may organize a poster session where participants can present new academic programs, teaching concepts or new experiments with teaching methods.

Call for Abstracts and Contributions:

Please submit a short abstract outlining the topic, argument and content of the proposed paper (maximum 1-2 p.) until 1st May 2010 to the study group convenors. Please add also name, affiliation and contact information of the author(s).

Authors with accepted paper proposals will be informed by the 1st of June, 2010. Final papers are expected by 31st July, 2010 at the latest. Papers will be made available at the conference website and the EGPA-website of PSG 9. Interested participants who are unable to elaborate a paper are encouraged to indicate their interest to the convenors.

-Fecha límite para envío de abstracts: 1ro. de mayo de 2010

-Fecha para envío de papers: 31 de julio de 2010

-Duración del evento: 7 - 10 de septiembre de 2010

-Lugar: Toulouse, Francia


Jane Lethbridge

PSIRU/ Business School; University of Greenwich; London



Prof. em. Dr. Arthur Ringeling

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Public Administration



Prof. em Dr. Christoph Reichard

University of Potsdam, Germany

Public Management





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