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Call for Papers. EGPA Symposium for Students and Junior Researchers

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European Group for Public Administration (EGPA)

The symposium is designed to support young researchers in the field of Public Administration and Public Management to improve their research skills, to learn from colleagues and to enhance their opportunities for an academic career. It has the following objectives:

a) To promote the development of a community of young scholars in a spirit of collaborative research;

b) To provide a qualified setting for feedback on participants’ current research and guidance for future action;

c) To help students develop publishing strategies.

There are several specific benefits of the symposium: The group size is limited. Groups are internationally and disciplinary mixed. There is sufficient time for in depth discussion of each person’s work and for networking both with other students and with members of the European research community. Faculty at the symposium will be leading experts in their fields. Participants also have access to the main conference at a reasonable rate.

The 2010 PhD symposium will follow a new format: The organizers will offer some plenary sessions on a number of topics of interest to all PhD students such as research strategies, methodological issues and publishing challenges. This will be followed by smaller group sessions during which individual papers will be discussed in depth as in previous years (see below). The composition of the groups sessions will be determined by demand. Groups may be mixed, but if there are sufficient participants working in a given area or on a given theme, specialised groups will be used with appropriate seniors from that field.

The symposium is open to PhD students and young researchers working in academic institutions and research centres in Europe and neighbouring countries.

Format of the symposium

The symposium is open only to invited and active participants. Each approved participant is expected to deliver a paper, to present it during the symposium and to act as discussant of another paper. The time frame of each paper is as follows: presentation by author: 20 minutes, comments by discussant: 10 minutes, open debate and reply by author: 15 minutes. Presentations and discussions are expected to contribute to the improvement of papers for future publication. Depending on the amount of accepted papers, the organizers will schedule either a 1½ or 2 days symposium which will be composed of two joint sessions (methodology etc) and two to three parallel sessions on specific fields. The symposium will start at Monday after lunch and end at Tuesday evening (with possible prolongation at Wednesday morning).  The sessions will be convened by the convenors and other invited senior academics. From experience, we expect proposals from public management, e-government and some more fields of public administration/policy. There will be a social event at the first evening of the symposium (Monday evening). All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the convenors.

Submission of abstracts and evaluation process

Selection of participants will be based on a two to three-page extended abstract, including: title, author information, research question, theoretical background, methodology, expected results and intended contribution. Abstracts will be judged against the following criteria: a) originality and theoretical foundations; b) rigour and appropriateness of methodology; c) potential contribution to advancing the field of public administration, public management and e-government. The deadline for abstract submission is 1st May 2010. Abstracts should be sent by e-mail (pdf or Word-format) to the convenors (see below).

-Fecha límite para envío de abstract: 1ro. de mayo de 2010

-Fecha para evaluación de abstract y selección de papers para el symposium: 1ro. de junio de 2010

-Fecha límite para notificación de aceptación: 8 de junio de 2010

-Fecha límite para el envío de papers completos: 1ro. de agosto de 2010

-Duración del evento: 6 - 7 de septiembre de 2010

-Lugar: Toulouse, Francia


Prof. Christoph Reichard (University of Potsdam)


Dr. Frank Bannister (Trinity College Dublin)


Prof. Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans (IED Toulouse)


Dr. Fabienne Maron, EGPA



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