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Call for Papers. 11th European Conference on e-Government . Mini Track: eGovernment Interoperability

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Academic Conferences International (ACI); University of Ljubljana, Eslovenia

Track co-Chairs: Mila Gascó, Institute of Governance and Public Management of ESADE, Spain

Carlos E. Jiménez, Justice Department, Autonomous Government of Catalonia

E-government interoperability, understood as the ability of disparate and diverse organizations to interact towards mutually beneficial and agreed common goals, involving the sharing of information and knowledge between the organizations, through the business processes they support, by means of the exchange of data between their respective ICT systems, is not something new. However, this term has grown in importance as a result of the need to design and offer more sophisticated and complex e-government services that, many times, require the collaboration of two or more public institutions.

Despite the different initiatives in this field, achieving real interoperability is not easy. Too often, the projects have only focused on the technological dimension forgetting that there are other important issues (culture, organizational structures, leadership, workflows, legality, governance...) that need to be addressed for an initiative to be successful. Both as a cause and as a consequence, the academia is not advancing too much either. Therefore, there is a need to conceptually and pragmatically build on e-government interoperability in order to develop a theoretical and conceptual framework, on one hand, and to identify best practices and key success factors that may guide the work of practitioners. Papers on this issue in an e-government conference will definitely contribute to this.

-Fecha límite para envío de abstracts: 25 noviembre 2010

-Notificación de aceptación de abstracts: 2 Diciembre 2010

-Fecha límite para envío de paper: 13 enero 2011

-Notificación de aceptación de paper: 24 marzo 2011

-Duración del evento: 16-17 junio 2011

-Lugar: Ljubljana , Eslovenia

-Contacto: Julia Hawkins, Conference Manager




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