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Call for Papers: Public Management Review Symposium on "Performance Practices in Asia-Pacific"

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University of Hong Kong, China, entre otros

This symposium focuses on performance practices in Asian context. The performance and practices of public agencies are contingent on their internal characteristics and their organizational contexts. East and Southeast Asian contexts affect the internal processes and performance outcomes. For example, many goals and processes have been adopted from the West, however the East and Southeast Asian context pose different challenges, circumstances, and perspectives that sharpen our analysis of the effectiveness of these practices and their impact on performance. Other examples include the duty-based Confucian work cultures and colonial legacies affecting policy and outcomes. Confucian work cultures lead to different processes of decision-making which can lead to lengthy timescales while the colonial legacies in places such as Hong Kong have resulted in very high levels of accountability. This symposium will show how learning from performance in these countries contributes to a more comprehensive conceptualization of organizational performance and strategies for effective government. This symposium is thus relevant to countries beyond this region and thereby advances our knowledge of public management.

The editors welcome proposals that are either empirical or conceptual papers that focus on new areas of research, or evaluations of existing streams of research. The editors welcome proposals on the following topics, and prefer comparative or multi-country analysis:

* Internal characteristics and external context influences on organizational performance;

* The impact and effectiveness of management reform;

* Conceptualization and measurement of performance;

* Duty-based leadership and initiative-taking;

* Cultural elements in team-based performance management;

* Organizational structure and variations in centralized and decentralization;

* Ethics and accountability;

* Impact of colonial legacies;

* Uses of program evaluation and policy analysis in decision-making;

* Pay for performance; and,

* Government and civil society capacity.

Countries to be included in the comparative analysis are likely to include: Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. This call for proposals extends beyond a traditional call for abstracts and also ask for a willingness to be work with others. It is anticipated the collaborative work will be for the purposes of developing comparative data on topics in countries where survey data can be gathered. In countries where it is difficult to undertake reliable and valid surveys the use of in-depth interviews, secondary data and experiments will be explored.

Single spaced paper proposals of no more than two pages should be sent to Richard Walker (rwalker@hku.hk) by 1st October. Empirical papers should clearly specify research question, research design, methods, data, findings, and implications for theory and practice. For conceptual papers authors should identify foundational assumptions and key concepts, develop an internally consistent logic or model of causation, and result in specific propositions or testable hypotheses. Authors are asked to note their willingness to collaborate in data collection. Authors will be notified of acceptance decisions by 1st December 2010. Data collection and paper writing is scheduled 2011 with a conference to be held in Hong Kong in late spring early summer 2012 following which manuscripts will be sent for full blind peer review. The symposium edition of Public Management Review is anticipated to be published in 2014.


Dr. Richard M. Walker, Professor of Public Management and Policy, University of Hong Kong


Dr. Evan M. Berman, University Chair Professor, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan


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