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Call for Papers: International Public Management Network (IPMN) Conference 2011 “Capacity Development in Public Management: Responding to the Challenges of Fiscal, Economic and Social Stress

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The Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service (RANECS); International Public Management Network (IPMN)

30 de junio - 2 de julio 2011,, Moscú, Rusia

The theme of 2011 International Public Management Network conference is, "Capacity Development in Public Management: Responding to the challenges of fiscal, economic and social stress." At the IPMN 2011 Moscow conference participants will explore how state and public institutions at all levels of government and in some cases private organizations are enhancing their capacity to cope with increased demand for services of all types at a time when the resources available to solve problems have been diminished, with no end in sight in this trend in many nations.

The capacity of public officials, managers and management systems needs to evolve to invent more effective and efficient plans, policies and implementation instrumentation that better engage stakeholders in problem solving so as to increase the likelihood of achieving public and political support of workable approaches to resolve critical problems. Part of what is needed to deal more effectively with current conditions of fiscal and economic stress and resultant social instability is development of increased capability of public leadership -- that of elected and appointed officials and managers -- to articulate new visions and to implement actions that successfully correct many of the ill-conceived and poorly thought out problem solving trajectories of present day public institutions. The capacity to achieve greater social integration through development and implementation of effective reforms is essential given the degree of stress, fiscal, economic and otherwise, faced by contemporary public institutions and organizations and society in general. In particular, what is needed is the capacity to respond more effectively to unexpected, suddenly emergent threats of all kinds that are economic, social and cultural in origin.

Conference organizers seek proposals and papers on topics related to the theme of the event. We would like to receive proposal and papers of the types indicated below:

a) Theoretical investigations of the concepts of public management "capacity" and "capacity building";

b) Empirical analyses, including analysis of case studies, of techniques and processes employed in development and implementation of public management capacity building policies, strategies and programs;

c) Empirical analyses, including analysis of case studies, of the role of private sector organizations in public sector capacity building and development;

d) Theoretical and applied studies of the impact of social structure and cultural values on capacity building and resultant effects that improve public management methods and practices in public sector organizations.

e) Theoretical and applied research on fiscal, economic and social stress and the development of strategies to enhance the capacity of governance systems, economies and society to cope with dysfunctional responses to threat and social instability that worsen rather than improve the welfare of citizens.

f) Theoretical and applied research analyzing capacity building assistance provided by international organizations to help developing countries build up their institutions to achieve development objectives. Proposals of this type may represent the perspective of donor institutions or the views of scholars in developing nations that receive donor assistance.

In general the International Public Management Network (IPMN) invites papers that focus on how governance systems can strengthen their capacity to respond to existing and new challenges in a dynamically changing world. Papers may be theoretical, empirical or applied.

The conference design will provide substantial time for discussion of the content and findings of accepted papers, as is the practice for IPMN events. Consequently, only a limited number of papers will be accepted for presentation at the conference.

Process for submission of proposals:

To permit careful evaluation of papers to be delivered at the conference we request extended paper proposals (3-4 pages) that should include (a) the research question(s) to be investigated, (b) explanation of the importance of the topic and the research to be reported in the paper, (c) methodological approaches to be employed in conducting the research, (d) explanation of how the proposed paper relates to the theme of the conference, (e) references to appropriate literature, and (f) a summary, to the extent possible, of the intended results of the research to be reported in the paper.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 January, 2011 and, if accepted for presentation at the conference, completed papers are due on May 31, 2011 so that they may be posted on the conference website. This will allow participants the opportunity to read papers prior to attending the conference -- which will increase the quality of the dialogue at the event. Proposals will be reviewed by the conference research committee and authors will be notified whether their proposals have been accepted or rejected by 15 March, 2011.

Proposals should be sent electronically as email attachments in Word or pdf. to ipmnmoscow@mail.ru with a copy sent to Conference Coordinator for IPMN, Dr. Professor Riccardo Mussari, University of Siena at MUSSARI@unisi.it. Professor Mussari is the incoming President of IPMN.

Please note that final papers should not exceed 7000 words, excluding appendices and references. Appendices should not exceed five pages.

Papers presented at the conference will be reviewed for publication in the International Public Management Journal and the International Public Management Review and in an edited conference book to be published in 2012.

The conference website address will be provided subsequently. This site will include detailed information about the event, the conference program and schedule, the registration fee, lodging options, travel, maps and other data on Moscow including cultural events that will be available before, during and after the conference. As noted, papers accepted for presentation at the conference will be placed on the website.

Please note that authors of papers accepted for publication will be responsible for paying their costs of travel to and from the event, and for lodging. The International Public Management Network (IPMN) provides information on the conference hotel where a special room rate will be available to conference participants. Most meals during the conference will be provided by IPMN and the conference host.

Information about the International Public Management Network is available at http://www.ipmn.net.The mission of the International Public Management Network (IPMN) is to provide a forum for sharing ideas, concepts and results of research and practice in the field of public management, and to stimulate critical thinking about alternative approaches to problem solving and decision making in the public sector. Membership in IPMN is free. You may register to become a member of IPMN at our website http://www.ipmn.net.

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