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Call for Papers: International Conference on “Governance and Citizenship in Asia: Paradigms and Practices”

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The Centre for Governance and Citizenship of The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China, entre otros

18 - 19 de marzo de 2011, Hong Kong, China

The Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education invites researchers and practitioners from all parts of the world, especially Asia, to participate in an International Conference on Governance and Citizenship in Asia.

Central Question: How is Citizenship related to Governance?

Citizenship and participation have emerged as central issues in recent public management debates. They follow, and are a part of, the larger debate on “Good Governance”. However, little systematic effort has been made to define the concepts and delineate the links between the two domains of Governance and Citizenship. It is simply assumed that the concepts, and the values and arrangements they embody, are axiomatic and universal. It is time the two concepts be subjected to closer scrutiny and the relationships between them specified. Some of the questions that need to be addressed in order to make the concepts useful for heuristic and practical purposes include:

·What does citizenship mean in a globalized world?

·Is the concept of citizenship universal? Or does it vary across societies? Do the concepts developed in Western contexts apply to societies with communitarian outlook? If yes, then what are the specific features of citizenship in such societies?

·How is the notion of citizenship related to other essential tenets of Good Governance?

·What is the link between democracy and citizenship, and between democracy and governance? Specifically, is citizenship possible without democracy? Can participation in the policy process substitute for democracy? What are the expectations for public participation and engagement in non-Western societies?

Asia-specific Themes

In the Asian context, governance and citizenship may well be construed differently because of different cultural, administrative and socio-political philosophical traditions. It is important to ground the studies of Asian governance and citizenship in regional institutions, civic virtues and values, as much as in global trends and advocacies. Will the Asian experiences be different from Western counterparts in terms of their nature, scope, direction and pace of development, implying a distinct conception of governance and citizenship?

This conference will explore specific themes in governance and citizenship, with special reference to Asia:

·Asian Governance: Global Concerns and Domestic Realities

·Traditions and Modernity: Asian Traditions and Values

·Citizenship and Identity: Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Conditions

·Nationality, Cosmopolitanism and Transnationality: Exclusion and Inclusion

-Fecha límite para envío de abstracts: 15 de septiembre 2010

-Fecha de aceptación de abstracts: 15 de octubre de 2010

-Fecha límite para envío de paper: 15 de febrero de 2011


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