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Call for Papers: Eleventh International Business and Economy Conference

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January 5-8, 2012, Hawaii, USA

Submission Deadline:  September 9, 2011



The Changing Face of Globalization

As nations cope with natural disasters, financial uncertainty, political upheavals, and social unrest, it is time to examine and assess the impact of unanticipated, rapid change on the Globalization of Business.  Who are the winners and losers in this unstable era?  What is the role of technology and social media?  How can we prepare business leaders for the challenges of this new environment?

Multinational corporations span political, industrial and geographical borders. Managers in the international arena need to blend knowledge of various functional areas, skills and experience to navigate through complex innovative and highly competitive environment.

The objective of the 11th International Business and Economy Conference is to provide a forum for scholars analyzing the strategic challenges faced by firms, governments, institutions, and individuals in the global arena. In addition, cross-disciplinary submissions are encouraged which address issues in education, training, health care, human rights, the environment, and sustainability highlighting relevance and application to globalized world.

Manuscripts derived from recent dissertation and/or ABD work are encouraged, as are cases which may either be designed for instructional purposes (teaching cases with teaching notes) or informational purposes (descriptive cases).

We welcome proposals for special session topics, panel discussions, papers and/or cases from scholars focusing on challenges and issues presented by the ever increasing interdependency among world economies. 


The topics include, but are not limited to:

            - International business environment

            - International strategy

            - Import/export management

            - World markets and global competition

            - Organizational behavior and management

            - Management philosophy

            - Healthcare management issues

        - Human resources strategies

        - Expatriate management

        - Business education

            - International entry strategies

            - Transfer of technology/knowledge

            - Cross-cultural consumer behavior

            - International logistics

            - Information systems

            - Operations management

            - International finance

            - International accounting

            - Intercultural management

            - Trade policy and FDI policy


Refereed paper submissions:

Competitive papers and cases are invited. Submissions will be double-blind reviewed, acceptance being based on quality and relevance. Reviews and decisions are estimated to be sent within 30 days of receipt of submission. Accepted competitive papers and cases will be published in the conference proceedings mailed to participants after their active presentation at the conference by at least one author. A select group of submissions will be considered for publication in the Journal of International Business and Economy.

-Contacto: IBEC



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