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Call For Papers: 2012 International Conference on Public Administration

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Public Service-Oriented Government in China; The China Section of American Society for Public Administration

Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

10-11 Marzo, 2012, Singapur

Provision of quality public service is crucial to citizens’ quality of life and trust in government. Sustained economic growth and the subsequent profound socio-political changes have led to rising citizen demand for better public service in China in the past decades. How does the Chinese leadership respond to the challenge of providing quality public service? What approaches have been adopted? What are the major factors affecting the efficiency, effectiveness, equity and responsiveness in public service provision? What are the major determinants of citizen assessment of public service quality? How can we evaluate the quality of public service? What lessons do China offer to and learn from other developing and transitional countries regarding public service provision?

In an effort to address these important issues in public service provision, the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration at Nanyang Technological University will hold a conference on 10-11 March, 2012. The goal of the conference is to bring together scholars and practitioners to examine the major aspects of public service delivery in China from a comparative perspective.

Conference Theme

Papers (both English and Chinese) are solicited on all aspects of public service quality in China. Comparative studies across nations are encouraged. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

-Public Service-Oriented Government: Concept and Theory

-Metrics and Measurements of public service quality

-Public service quality, citizens’ satisfaction and trust in government

-How to improve public service quality

-Factors affecting public service quality in China and elsewhere.

-Characteristics and mechanisms of public service provision in China and elsewhere.

-Comparison of administrative reforms to improve public service quality in China and elsewhere.


Working Language

English and Chinese are the official languages of the conference. Papers and presentations are expected to be delivered in English or Chinese.


Proposal Submission and Acceptance

Proposal submission deadline is October 15, 2011. The conference secretariat will notify successful applicants before November 15, 2011. The full paper submission deadline is February 1, 2012.


Registration and Fees

There is no conference registration fee. The conference organizer will provide accommodation to all participants during the conference. Participants are responsible for the transportation cost.

-Contacto: Dr. Waikeung Tam


Ms. Wang Jun


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