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Call for Nominations for An Advisory Group

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World Health Organization (WHO)

An advisory group is being constituted for the WHO global health expenditure database. The terms of reference and the nominee information form/application are included below. Deadline for submission of nominations is August 31. Nominees will be informed of their selection by mid September.

Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group on WHO Global Health Expenditure Database ( GHED)

The tasks of this advisory group (AG) are to:

• review and provide technical and strategic advice, including overall strategy and procedures, on ways to improve data collection, methods and assumptions   underlying the estimates of health expenditures published by the WHO-GHED, and their validation process

• advise on the most appropriate ways (e.g. standard reports, tables, figures) of presenting, analyzing and summarizing data and metadata published by the WHO-GHED to facilitate maximum communication and dissemination

• suggest approaches to improve consistency in health expenditure estimates in different international databases that are publicly available (e.g., IMF government expenditures and NHA government expenditures)

• address current methodological issues and questions that arise during the implementation of SHA2011, in particular to assist in ensuring a coherent linkage of SHA 2000 and 2011 estimates

• recommend ways of monitoring and improving the quality of the estimates in the published WHO-GHED

There will be up to seven members who will

1. be external to, and independent of, WHO;

2. have experience in health accounting in one or more countries OR several years of experience in health financing using health expenditure data;

3. be familiar with the System of Health Accounting (SHA2000 and SHA2011), the System of National Accounts (SNA1993, 2008), and A Guide to Producing National Health Accounts.

AG-GHED members will be recommended by the WHO/HSF Director in consultation with WHO HSF regional focal points, for appointment by the Assistant Director General of the Health Systems and Services Cluster. A public call for nominations will be issued through health accounting networks, on the WHO NHA website, and through health economics newsletters. Members, in their individual/personal capacity, will be selected on the basis of their qualifications as listed in the expert questionnaire, and with some consideration of geographic representation and gender balance. Members will be asked to sign a declaration of interest and a confidentiality agreement.

The group will have virtual or face to face meetings at least twice a year and e-mail communications as needed. The term will be for two years with possibility of renewal for one term subject to mutual agreement. There is no financial remuneration for being a member of the AG-GHED. If face-to face meetings are held and financial support is required, the travel expenditures will be covered. WHO NHA staff will serve as the secretariat.

-Contacto: National Health Accounts (NHA)



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