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Call for Experts: Global Integrity Report 2010

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Global Integrity

Global Integrity, an award-winning international non-profit organization dedicated to tracking governance and corruption trends around the world, is seeking interested journalists, researchers, social scientists, and other experts with a background in governance and corruption issues to prepare the Global Integrity Report: 2010.

The Global Integrity Report is a compilation of in-depth country assessments prepared by local experts that combines qualitative journalistic reporting with quantitative data gathering to produce a powerful “snapshot” of the strengths and weaknesses of national anti-corruption mechanisms. The Report is widely used by development experts and aid donors; reform-minded governments; private sector investors; and grassroots journalists and advocates to prioritize governance challenges and promote anti-corruption reform efforts.

In February 2010, Global Integrity released its Global Integrity Report: 2009, covering more than 35 diverse countries around the world. Final country selection for the Global Integrity Report: 2010 has not yet been determined and is influenced in part by the interest expressed by qualified country experts, all of whom are compensated for their efforts. We invite any expert from any country to express their interest in collaborating with us.

To learn more about collaborating with us on the Global Integrity Report: 2010, please see the Fact Sheet below. Interested candidates, including those colleagues who have worked with us before, should apply online no later than June 1, 2010

Additional information about Global Integrity is available on website

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