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American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Estados Unidos

Expanding the Role of Public Administration: From Citizen Participation to Open Government
From President Obama’s ‘Open Government Initiative’ to the increased promotion and use of technology to engage citizens, the traditional roles and expectations of public administration are expanding. While many believe this expansion helps everyone —from individuals to the experienced legislator— those that work in the public sector struggle to find the best methods to inform, engage and increase participation.
    What barriers exist to increasing public participation?
    How are public managers implementing open government policies in their agencies?
    How have technologies —such as online forums, listervs and social media outlets like Twitter— influenced public participation?
    How can governments, especially at the state and local levels, engage citizens to participation?
    Do current laws and policies allow the public sector to fully embrace the concept of open government or citizen participation?

Public Service, Public Delivery – Alternatives to Delivering Public Goods
Using private entities to delivery public goods and services, like trash collection or road repairs, is nothing new. Local and state governments in particular, often dealing with cash-strapped budgets, turn to outsourcing as an option. While using private companies can save time and money, and build good will, doing so is not without some risk.
    Should there be restrictions on which services are outsourced?
    How do public managers determine which services are outsourced?
    When it comes to the public, does it matter who provides services?
    How do public administrators deal with issues of non-performance?
    How does this issue impact the role and work of the public sector employee?
    How do alternatives providers, such as nonprofits or citizen groups, fit into the discussion?
Articles must be received by July 18 to be considered. Here are few guidelines:
    Articles must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
    Articles should be between 800-1000 words.
    Articles should not include end/foot notes or a bibliography. All citations should be done inside the article and include hyperlinks (where possible).
    Articles should be written in AP style format. Click here to review the PA TIMES style guide.
Please review the submission guidelines prior to sending your piece. If you have any questions, please contact PA TIMES editor Melissa Williams at patimes@aspanet.org

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