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Call for Articles "Innovative Budgeting: Funding 21st Century Public Goods & Services"

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American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

In the post-recession years, city, state and federal leaders have gotten creative in their efforts to do more with less. From participatory budgeting to increased citizen engagement, the budgeting process in many cities has begun to look very different.

PA TIMES invites articles for its July print edition that discusses Innovative Budgeting: Funding 21st Century Public Goods and Services.  Articles are being accepted until July 14. 

How are cities and states balancing less resources to fund the delivery of goods and services?

What new partnerships and relationships have developed with new budgeting strategies?

Has your city tested citizen budgeting? How effective is this model?

The budget is an important tool for any organization but how does it relate to management?

Send PA TIMES your articles that discuss the use of the budget and its role in public administration. The deadline for submissions is July 14. All articles must be received as a Word document. Please review the PA TIME/emS styleguide before submitting your article.

Below are some of the basic submission criteria.

  - Articles must be submitted as a MS Word document by email to patimes@aspanet.org.

  - Articles should be written in Associated Press (AP) format. To learn more about AP format, click here.

  - Foot and end notes are not published; citations should be included in body of article.

  - A short biography (no more than 75 words) and email must be included with submission.

 Questions? Please contact Melissa Williams at mwilliams@aspanet.org.


-Contacto: American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)



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