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The Second International Seminar (ISEDEG 2014) and First International Conference (ICEDEG 2014) on e-Democracy and e-Government

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University of Fribourg, Switzerland; Escuela Politécnica National; Universidad de las Américas, Ecuador; Inter-American Organization for Higher Education – College of the Americas, Canada; Red Ecuatoriana de Universidades y Escuelas Politécnicas para Investigación y Posgrados (REDU), entre otros

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Cuándo 24/04/2014 08:00 a
26/04/2014 18:00
Dónde Quito, Ecuador
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Second International Seminar on e-Democracy & e-Government – ISEDEG 2014


In the transformation process from an industrial society to an information and knowledge society, the factor 'information' gains importance over the factor 'production'. The application of information and communication technology is conceived as a chance for amplifying the capacity of the citizens to act, for strengthening cross-border contacts and relations and for developing an open society with cultural diversity. By means of eDemocracy, it is intended to improve participation options for citizens as well as democratic processes for decision support, voting, and elections.


eGovernment aims to put public services electronically at disposal for citizens, companies, and organizations. Some examples are electronic services in taxation, online job markets, public offering, or mobile health services. 


The objectives of the seminar are to: 

  • Apply a process-based framework for eDemocracy and eGovernment.
  •  Understand the value chain including information, negotiation, and processing of public services.
  •  Balance chance and risk of electronic public services for participation and collaboration.
  •  Know the characteristics of citizen relationship management and community building.
  •  Understand the effects of information and communication technology for individuals and society.


First International Conference on e-Democracy & e-Government – ICEDEG 2014 

Representatives of the governments, international organizations and universities of Latin America are called to develop a vision for eCollaboration, eDemocracy, and eGovernment. The main objective is to discuss the regions’s transition to an information and knowledge society that will accelerate and enhance regional economic, social, cultural and technological development and exchange.

All submissions and reviews will be handled electronically in PDF format. Submissions to the ICEDEG 2014 should be prepared using the required template.

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