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Managing the Financial Aspects of Partnerships

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NGO Finance Managers Network, Suiza

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Cuándo 19/04/2012
de 09:00 am a 04:30 pm
Dónde Ginebra, Suiza
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NGOs are increasingly expected to work in partnership with other organisations, as contractors or sub-contractors, as intermediaries or as part of a consortium. Managing the expectations and boundaries of such relationships is often a challenge and can undermine such partnerships. The financial dimensions of these relationships are frequently the most sensitive and complex and are key to the success of the partnership. Finance staff have a central role in ensuring comprehensive and transparent agreements and accountabilities.

This meeting will focus on sharing experiences and will be an opportunity to exchange good practice and practical tools. It will address questions such as:

* What are the challenges and potential risks of being a contractor, subcontractor, intermediary or part of a consortium?

* What are the common financial concerns of working in partnership with others?

* When and in what ways should finance staff be involved in the design of partnerships?

* How can finance staff facilitate the management, implementation and monitoring of partnerships?

* How do you fulfill the financial obligations of your partnerships?

* What do successful partnerships look like? How do you evaluate success?

* What are the practical steps to minimize the risks of partnerships?

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