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Cuándo 03/11/2011 13:00 a
05/11/2011 23:00
Dónde Córdoba, Argentina
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The focus of this panel is the international, comparative, study of the relationship between democracy and public administration.

We are interested in:

· To what extent is public administration (PA) in a democracy qualitatively different, if at all, from PA in non- or pre-democratic states? Is it possible to have ‘meritocratic’ or ‘clean’ PA – or ‘good governance’ - without democratic systems? Many of the international measures of 'good governance' (e.g. the World Bank's WGI) seem to significantly underplay the issue of the relationship between PA and democratic systems - possibly for 'real politick' reasons. Can this be sustained, either in practice or in theory?

· Are there differences between public administration strategies and approaches in democracies that are rooted in structural variations?

· The historic processes by which democracy and public administration have developed in parallel or through co-evolution; what were the specific drivers and nature of the transitions to democratic PA in, for example, “the west” in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and in, more recently, Germany, Italy and Japan post-war, in Greece, Spain and Portugal, in Latin America, the former USSR and eastern Europe and most recently in the Arab crescent.

· The relationship between democracy and public administration in the ‘developed’ (OECD) world – what are the main configurations of democracy and PA in the developed world? How are issues such as participatory, deliberative and representative public administration, ‘post-bureaucratic’ government, networked governance, etc. changing the relationship between PA and democracy?

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