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Global Forum For Media Development Athens World Conference

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City of Athens; Professional Congress Organiser of The Global Forum for Media Development

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Cuándo 07/12/2008 13:30 a
10/12/2008 21:30
Dónde Atenas, Grecia
Teléfono de contacto Pierias 1A Atenas-144 51, Grecia Tel.: + Fax: + email: gfmd-athworldconf@acnc.gr
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The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is a practitioner-led process designed to be long term and open to the community involved in media development around the world. The GFMD 2008 builds on the achievements made since the first global conference of media aid organizations in Amman, Jordan in October 2005, in which more than 400 participants attended and agreed to a set of principles that form the basis of the work of the GFMD.

The GFMD constitutes a network of some 500 non-governmental media assistance organizations operating in about 100 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Eurasia and the Americas, which support the development of independent media at the community, national and regional level.

One topic of the forum is "Voice and Accountability":

For media to play its role to provide a platform for democratic discourse and holding those in power to account, media outlets themselves have to engage with communities, provide the highest quality of journalism and adhere to internal rules of good governance. The conference will adopt strategies to support good governance in media, in public affairs and in media development.




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