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ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops

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European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

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Cuándo 10/04/2012 13:00 a
15/04/2012 23:00
Dónde Antwerp, Bélgica
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The ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops have taken place annually for the last 38 years and are now one of the major events in European political science, with 500-600 people participating most years. Workshops are designed to be a forum for substantive discussion on research in progress and collaboration among scholars. In order to emphasise the need for real interchange during these sessions, the large conference model was rejected, as was that of the round table. The Workshops are gatherings of approximately 15-20 participants from different institutions, lasting about five days.

The topics of discussion are precisely defined, and those scholars currently working in the Workshop's field are invited. The main aim of the Workshops is to produce a feeling of participation and of equality of endeavour between advanced students, younger members of the profession and well-established professors. Each participant presents a paper or research document for discussion as well as taking part in the discussion of the other papers presented. It is hoped that some of these Workshops will lead to the creation of permanent research groups, publications and Standing Groups as well as to continuing collaboration between members.

The deadline for submission of Workshop proposals is 1st February 2011.

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