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Conference "Developing Policy in Different Cultural Contexts: Learning from Study, Learning from Experience"

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The IPSA Research Committee on Public Policy and Administration; The Croatian Political Science Association; The Institute of Public Administration, Zagreb; IPSA Research Committee 5 (Comparative Local Government); The Research Committee on Public Policy and Governance of the Russian Association for Political Science; The Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb; The University of Zagreb

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Cuándo 10/06/2011 13:00 a
12/06/2011 23:00
Dónde Dubrovnik, Croacia
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In the last two decades the countries of central and Eastern Europe have been engaged in regime-reconstruction, and particularly the states of the former Yugoslavia, where the country itself, as well as the regime, had to be re-established. In this context, there has been a particular interest in policy as part of the dynamic of governing, and this conference has been convened to focus on the policy process and the practices by which it is constituted. It identifies the subject as ‘policy development’ rather than ‘policy making’ or ‘policy analysis’, recognizing that policy is generated by a wide range of practices and participants, inside and outside government, and that norm-setting by bodies like the OECD and the EU may be as important as choice by authority figures in government. It recognizes that policy practice is ‘put together’, and seeks to identify the way that the experiential knowledge of practitioners, as well as the research-based knowledge of academics, is used to inform practice.

The conference is therefore an occasion for both academic observers and policy practitioners to review the nature of policy knowledge and policy practice in the region, and what can be learned from analysis and research from outside the region.

Conference Format

There will be five streams, running over three days.

(a) Analytical/conceptual

Chair: Hal Colebatch, University of NSW, Australia


(b) Policy practice in Europe

Chair: Zdravko Petak,University of Zagreb, Croatia


(c) Reforming public administration in south-east Europe

Chair: Ivan Kopric, Institute for Public Administration, Zagreb


(d) Policy analysis in local governance

Chair: Hellmut Wollman, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany


(e) Policy in relation to higher education

Chair: Tihomir Ziljak (Zagreb, Political Science, Croatia)

The conference aims to strengthen the links among researchers and practitioners in the region, in other post-Soviet states, and in the political science profession generally. The papers presented and the conference discussions will be given the widest and most appropriate circulation.

Proposals for papers should be sent to the chair of the relevant stream by 31 March 2011.



































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