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66 Annual Conference "Social Media, Class Politics, and Mobilization"

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New York State Political Science Association (NYSPSA), Estados Unidos

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Cuándo 20/04/2012 13:00 a
21/04/2012 23:00
Dónde Staten Island, New York, Estados Unidos
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The conference provides an excellent venue for academics, researchers, students and professionals in private and public organizations to discuss issues and share their work related to political science and associated disciplines.

The polarization of our politics has highlighted that fact that traditional thinking about political mobilization needs to be reexamined. Political mobilization is often defined as the actors' attempt to influence the existing distribution of power. This relationship usually refers to interactions between individuals and parties. However, current events have shown that the factors affecting mobilization are no longer just between groups but within them. The tea party and occupy wall street movements as well as the role of social media in the “Arab Spring” and strategies used in contemporary elections raises questions about how groups become aware of and articulate interests and develop loyalties that result in successful mobilization. The conference is generally seeking to explore the effect of social media and class politics on the mobilization of large informal groups of individuals focused on specific political or social issues.

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