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23rd General Assembly and Conference on "Challenges, Opportunities and Innovations in Public Administration in the Next Decade"

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The Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA); Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA); National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand

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Cuándo 19/02/2012 15:00 a
24/02/2012 00:00
Dónde Bangkok, Thailand
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The second decade of the new millennium signals the beginning of a journey full of challenges as well as opportunities, arising as a consequence of the ever-increasing and accelerating pace of globalization, in which the activities of people the world over are increasingly interconnected and which mutually impact on one another. New economic, social, environmental and political challenges could result in even greater upheavals than in the past. It is expected that all governments will face ever-increasing pressures from their citizens, all of whom have expectations that government should be responsible for solving problems and providing citizens with the services they require.

Public administration in this new era of increased expectations calls for the development of new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, which must not only encompass the management functions of state agencies and enterprises, but must also take into account the broader context of democratic governance. What also needs to be taken into account is how most judiciously to manage change while at the same time preserving the best of a society’s values. To do so, public administrators cannot merely focus on increasing efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies and enterprises, but must do so bearing in mind the importance of democratic responsibility.

The 23rd EROPA General Assembly and Conference on “Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations in Public Administration in the Next Decade” provides an excellent forum for the international community of public administrators to come together to share the ideas and information accumulated over the years, to provide a sound knowledge base for the forthcoming decade. We sincerely hope that by this mutual sharing of the fruits of our labor as practitioners and theorists of public administration, we will be able to contribute to the continued development and stability of our respective countries during our journey into the next decade.

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